Hawking was not so perceptive as to things not visible with a naked eye. He missed it big time here.

Excerpt from Stephen Hawking’s book the Grand Design.

He deals here with free will and he concludes that we are no more than biological machines and that free will is an illusion.

“Though we feel that we can choose what we do, our understanding of the molecular basis of biology shows that biological processes are governed by the laws of physics and chemistry and therefore are as determined as the orbits of the planets. Recent experiments in neuroscience support the view that it is our physical brain, following the known laws of science, that determines our actions, and not some agency that exists outside those laws. For example, a study of patients undergoing awake brain surgery found that by electrically stimulating the appropriate regions of the brain, one could create in the patient the desire to move the hand, arm, or foot, or to move the lips and talk. It is hard to imagine how free will can operate if our behavior is determined by physical law, so it seems that we are no more than biological machines and that free will is just an illusion.”

He could have wondered about those electical stimuli. After all the brain didn’t take any decision to act by itself!! Though Hawking claims it’s the brain and not some agency that exists outside the scientific laws, which determines our actions, in the experiments there was an agent indeed and that agent was the doctor who applied the elecrical waves to stimulate the patient’s brain. The patient’s brain is stimulated with electricity (or electromagnetic waves) and this creates the desire to act, he says. But “stimulated” is passive voice (basic elementary grammar) and there must be a cause for that, (it’s called causative form, in passive voice the object [brain] becomes the subject. That’s elementary).  He could have wondered then what’s triggering the various areas of the brain with electricity or some similar kind of energy in real life.

Ιf you are a scientist you don’t just see the things you want to see. You observe what is there or what is NOT there. Despite your personal beliefs. And in this case there is something missing here. When there is no surgery to electrically stimulate the brain, how is it that the brain IS, indeed, stimulated? How is it done in real life?

He had it right there. But he didn’t care to look further. Only after being electrically stimulated would the brain proceed to give a command to move a hand or a foot. So, who stimulates the brain? Or in any case how is it stimulated? Ιn real life, that is.

I am posing a question. I know the answer. But what I think (or know) doesn’t matter. The point is there is a question here. Who or what stimulates the brain in real life? That is an 1.000.000 $ question. And you and your children should be able to answer it. I am sorry the late Stephen Hawking didn’t have the chance to teach his children about it. But I will teach mine and maybe more who want to really know.

Have a great day today!



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