I AM DREAMING OF THOSE DAYS WHEN WE ARE ALL GONNA BE UNITED AGAIN DREAMING… I am dreaming of those days when WE ARE ALL GONNA BE UNITED AGAIN and we are gonna throw a Super Duper Clearing Party with non Scientology people. I am dreaming of an Event where Scientologists on the Volunteers WW Org Board will be gathering from various places and will delivering to non Scientologists Auditing, Word Clearing, Supervision Training to train their kids and friends… And all that in a big big Party… That’s an impinging action and will be visiting many places in the world. Those who can will join and those who can’t will be happy it is happening. That’s just one BIG action of the Volunteers WW Org. A big big THANK YOU to all the Auditor’s and all the trained and hard trying Scientologists all around the World. Dreams come true!!!


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