My response on Lana Mitchell’s post on, thank

My response on Lana Mitchell’s post on

Lana, thank you. Sorry for the long post, I couldn’t help it, lol. I have so much charge on people around who try to sabotage things before they even start. So here is my post: 

As life moves on and becomes more and more complex, thetans, even those who are trained, tend to forget the simplicities they have been taught and tend to just follow others ignoring the lessons they were taught. 

We are facing a very weird situation as Scientologists. There is no church anymore where pure Scientology can be delivered. That is a fact, acknowledged now by many, for many years now. So, there is no auditing or training possibilities in every part of the world unless you are still in the church. This is a situation, if some can perceive that as a situation. Because many fellow Scientologists are left without the benefits of the technology. 

But the most weird thing is that despite that Situation of no auditing or training for many, there are ridges around us and from amongst us (!!!) trying to suppress the expansion of Scientology outside of the church. 

This is the weirdest thing to me as it violates several points of the code of a Scientologist. 

Not to say anything about point 4 
4. To decry and do all I can to abolish any and all abuses against life and Mankind.

where I don’t see Scientologists actively participating in groups to protect Mankind from abuses. And there are many more such abuses now than they used to be. Daily I get on facebook posts about Monsanto and the GMOs and how dangerous they are. And how people especially in the U.S. revolt against them. But we don’t do anything about it. Just few of us comment on it and the rest don’t bother. I don’t see how we are doing point number 4 like that. 

But if we, amongst us, do not allow or even try to suppress and sabotage the free exercise and application of Scientology by specialising in harassing each other and cutting each other’s throats, point number 4 is then beyond us by far. 

Marty Rathbun and his newly founded Company violate the following point of the code of a Scientologist: 

11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help Mankind.

This is now obvious as Marty has been acting as the new Ridge on the Bridge, like Miscavige does. This is not unsubstantiated information and black PR against Marty. He publicly announced that he is no longer a Scientologist due to the behaviour of Scientologists towards him and their actions and words against him, lately. 

Then through his blog for a long, long time he stirred the soup and took a U turn from the Standard practice of Scientology, philosophising and heavily critiquing the subject, its founder and the practicioners who would want to stick to the scriptures of Hubbard in a more disciplined way. He attempts in this way to take out all the discipline of Scientology for reasons he knows better. But Scientology apart from being a 3rd D activity, is also a discipline and without that it does fail. 

Point 16 of the code of a Scientologist: 

16. To insist upon standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing and administration in Scientology organizations.

Hubbard created a system, a workable system not a perfect one, he said that. To the degree that one knows all the parts of the system he or she can operate it. It’s called the 7 Division Org Board. The Org Board contains all 3 parts of the Tech, Ethics, Tech and Admin. 

This is the system that taught even Marty Rathbun how to exteriorise and that exteriorisation IS possible in a very short time through TRs when he was in the Mission of Portland. 

This is the system that taught all those folks who now natter about MS 2 and its founders almost all they know about life now. 

Still those folks wouldn’t want that system to move on outside of the church because someone said so. They were in the dark before, the system helped them but still they don’t want to see it expanding. They are the sheep in my opinion because after all those years they still can’t see the system and they see and hear what others say about it. 

From the PDC tapes: 

A player knows the rules and follows them, pawns ignore the rules and follow orders from above. 

We don’t need pawns in MS 2, we need players who know the rules and follow them. 

Still Marty delivers processes of Scientology and still writes books on Scientology and profits out of those activities. However, if somebody else wants to profit from Scientology and mainly by Standard application of it, Marty is there to propagandise against them and try to black PR them. That is what he did and does with MS 2. Called the 11 founders even Light Squirrel Busters. 

The high philosophy and high discussions at Marty’s blog do not have anything to do with the application of the System. 

The System has done away with complexities. It’s simple if you follow it down the path. Gives you the simplicities of life and the basic truths. And because of that people will start to realise that the more they get alienated from it the more complexities they are going to get. Which is our situation now. If we stay unorganised and not move on, we are going to face more and more complexities in life. 

The System is here to help more and more people move up and then decide what they want to do. And this is what we decided, I guess: that we do know things about the System and how it works and that we should follow it not blindly but Standardly (big difference) and get results. 

There are people around the globe who are just on succumb because they don’t know what is going on. The correct application on a broader scale of that very System can yield results. 

I am in as a Scientologist to do my best even though sometimes I say to myself “why still bother?”. But I bother because inside of me I know I would have long been dead had I abandoned what I knew and what helped me so much. So I better help someone else now. But alone one cannot do it. And that is what Martys cannot get for some reason. It can’t be done alone. Maybe you are the super hero and can do as much. Still it won’t be enough. A group of people, a group of Players must be formed and start playing ball. 

Let’s kick some ass!