2 thoughts on “The Awakening (Full Movie)

  1. theosismanides

    Independent Scientologists can get in communication with the whole of the world. For the first time we are free to communicate with the whole world and many people who are doing things about it.

    The Elite of Enslavers on this planet is little by little uncovered. Everybody can see this.

    Νow is our chance to connect to the world free of any imposed burdens and do what we know to do. To Enlighten Man into what he/she is.

    1. If you watch the video you can see that many people have gotten to know things, many things except for one. They don’t have the Certainty of the Existence of a Thetan.

      This is a tremendous task that LRH made it possible for people to become aware of Theta.

      This is no little thing.

      Scientologists should think about it for a moment. It’s very egotistical to hoard that knowledge.

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