Hugo Chavez :”La Crise Syrienne est Planifiée et Provoquée de l’Extérieur”

Speaking French and some Spanish I could follow Chavez in his answer to the Canadian journalist.

I would be very interested to see what Chavez would have to say about Greece and European countries and how he sees the whole crisis here. He was very straightforward with Syria. Syria is a sovereign country and needs to sort things out itself. Interesting…


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High Tension between Turkey and Suria. What is happening there?


By Stephen LENDMAN

Turkey is Washington’s lead anti-Syrian belligerent. It’s playing with fire. It may end up burned. For good reason, Assad blames Ankara for heightened tensions and border confrontations.

On October 11, he told the Turkish daily Aydinlik he has “no difficulties with either Turkish people or its army, only with its government.”

Syria was never hostile to Turkey, he added. Belligerent confrontations make relations tense. Ankara plays Washington’s lead attack dog. Doing so heightens them further.

On October 11, Hurriyet Daily News headlined “Gov’t puts army into ‘high state of readiness,’ ” saying:

According to an unnamed “high-ranking official:”

“We want to give a strong message to the Syrian regime that Turkey is determined to protect its borders and people and is ready to do whatever necessary – that is the meaning of high-level readiness.”

Chief of General Staff General Necdet Ozel continued inspecting troops deployed on Syria’s…

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